CS1 build begins

Today marks the start of an exciting period for the company, as we begin the build of our CS1 actuator. In the coming months, we will be focussing on product development of the system (manufacture and assembly) as well as its launch.

Our summer interns start

Chassis Autonomy are delighted to announce our onboarding of two new interns at our UK division. Yaviin Jayasoma will support on the product side as a Development Engineer and Max Pearce will support business operations during our current rebranding activity as Marketing and Brand Lead.

Seven more patents filed

Chassis Autonomy’s class-leading technology is a valuable asset to the company. We have therefore filed for 7 more patents to protect our intellectual property and de-risk the development of our products. These patents will add value to the company, ensuring our technology cannot be replicated by other companies.

Chassis Autonomy joins the SetSquared accelerator programme

We are pleased to announce that following the incorporation of our UK division earlier this month, Chassis Autonomy has joined the SETsquared Partnership Scale-Up Programme. This will complement the excellent support already being provided by the Innovatum Startup accelerator to our division in Sweden.

Operations are expanded to the UK

To support our rapid growth, we have established a UK division of Chassis Autonomy. Our CTO Thomas Li will oversee the new UK business, ensuring seamless integration with our operations in Sweden.

Letter of Intent signed with Holo

We are pleased to announce the signing of an LOI with Holo. This signals the intention of both companies to collaborate in the drive to accelerate and enable true autonomous mobility.

Immetric investment

We are excited to announce that we have secured our first capital investment since launching Chassis Autonomy at the end of 2021. Immetric join us on our journey to enabling true autonomous mobility by directly supporting the development of our fail-operational steering system with both capital and an exceptionally strong team who are experienced in supporting the development of deep technology and IP rich products.

First patent filed

Today Chassis Autonomy began the process of protecting our intellectual property by filing for our first patent. Patenting the technology within our CS1 will protect the value of our company and de-risk the process of development.

R&D grant secured from VGR

We are excited to announce that we have secured a development grant from Tillvaxtverket with the support of Västra Götalandsregionen Advanced R&D Fund. This will directly support the next phase of development of our fail-operational steer-by-wire system; a ground-up actuator designed to enable true autonomy.

Chassis Autonomy joins Innovatum’s incubator

We are happy to announce that we have joined Innovatum’s start-up incubator. This strategic partnership will accelerate the company’s growth by providing support and funding for key activities, accelerating our growth and the development of our CS1 steering actuator.