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Chassis Autonomy’s current focus is on the development of a class-leading steer-by-wire system for autonomous vehicles. The system is a ground-up design that is fault tolerant and fail-operational, meaning that autonomous vehicles fitted with the system can continue to steer, even in the event of a system fault. This provides the safety and reliability that is necessary for the wider adoption of autonomous mobility.


To enable true autonomous mobility, we recognise that we need to solve the other critical gap and that is fail-operational braking. Our current focus is upon steer-by-wire however, as we continue to scale up the company, we will begin to place more resources on the development of our brake-by-wire system.

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Rapid development and
deployment capability

The autonomous vehicle ecosystem is unique, with the market developing at a rapid pace. To support the rapid development of platform developers, CS1 has been designed in a modular way to facilitate application to any vehicle.

Aspects of our design such as hard points, steering shaft displacement and axial loading can all be adjusted to fit the desired characteristics of customers.

This modular design coupled with us being a fast-moving start-up company, means we can provide prototype test samples within a matter of weeks. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have interest in or queries about our system.