Letter of Intent signed with Holo


We are pleased to announce the signing of an LOI with Holo. This signals the intention of both companies to collaborate in the drive to accelerate and enable true autonomous mobility.

Key Area of Collaboration

The two companies will aspire to promote each other’s expertise, services and products when carrying out business exploration activities and when working with both mutual and non-mutual partners, customers and suppliers with the aim of accelerating the adoption of safe autonomous vehicles on the world’s roads.

  • Chassis Autonomy will promote Holo’s unique end-to-end ecosystem wide integration services, which includes extensive experience in achieving regulatory approval for public road pilots and the subsequent execution of safe deployment strategies.
  • Holo will promote Chassis Autonomy’s ground-up fail-operational, fault tolerant steer-by-wire (SbW) and brake-by-wire (BbW) systems as a leading solution to the lack of market provision for such actuation systems that are designed specifically for autonomous vehicles.

The collaboration aims to show that Chassis Autonomy and Holo are actively focused on working with the sector to accelerate mobility development through the deployment of safe autonomous vehicles, by:

  • Maximising vehicle uptime through the provision of fault tolerant, actuation technology on autonomous platforms.
  • Encouraging the use of mature vendors and suppliers with products, technologies and solutions that are specifically designed to meet the requirements for safe autonomous vehicle operation.
  • Maximising safe vehicle deployment through the use of appropriate technology, experienced vendors and proven deployment strategies.

For more information on Chassis Autonomy and Holo, please read the full agreement here.