We are Chassis Autonomy

The Team

Chassis Autonomy is led by a highly experienced team, with Peter, Thomas and Matthias having a combined 80 years of automotive senior leadership experience. Together with our highly talented team, comes a drive for innovation and success that forms the bedrock of the company.

We are committed to ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion across our global operations and specifically the development of a culture that helps to close the gender gap in the wider engineering and technology sector.


Peter Johansson

Co-founder | CEO

A serial innovator and visionary with a career history that includes senior and director leadership roles within global automotive companies including SAAB, GM, NEVS and Haldex.

Peter now leads Chassis Autonomy as Chief Executive Officer, working closely with the senior leadership team in a push towards autonomous mobility.

Thomas Li

Co-founder | CTO

A former senior F1 Race Engineer, who is highly experienced in the leadership of engineering teams and the development of advanced automotive engineering systems.

Thomas leads Chassis Autonomy as Chief Technology Officer ensuring the correct focus between product development and wider business growth activities.

Dan Grabko (CFO)

Dan Grabko

Chief Financial Officer

Dan has worked as a financial statement auditor in the USA and accumulated fourteen years of experience working with high-growth companies, both in Sweden and abroad, in various roles such as CFO and CEO.

Dan applies this vast experience to oversee the financial, accounting and project management side of the business.

Matthias Weber

Matthias Weber

Head of Functional Safety and Cyber Security

A highly experienced leader in the application of functional safety and cyber security strategies to ensure the compliance and robustness of complex safety critical systems.

Matthias drives the implementation of strategies to ensure fail-operational and cyber security robustness in all of our products.

Jessica Svensson

Engineering manager

A purpose and vision driven leader with a strategic mind. Jessica has extensive experience within digital transformation, CAE simulations, and CAx methods. She leads the development and implementation of Chassis Autonomy’s way of working.

Jessica is also the line manager for the engineering team in Trollhättan.  

Bogdan Racotea

Head of Software Engineering and Control Electronics

Bogdan offers extensive experience in leadership and technical management, having built an accomplished career in the industry over the past fifteen years.

Bogdan will oversee the development of our software and electronic control unit (ECU) ensuring it is compliant with industry standards.

Simon Worker

Principal Engineer – Test and Development

An engineer, specialising in testing, with critical experience developing by-wire systems for the autonomous vehicle industry.

Simon will deliver test results which support both our design release activity and technology advancement, ensuring delivery within the required timelines.

Pelle Nilsson

Head of mechanical design

Pelle joins Chassis Autonomy with extensive experience and expertise in the design, development and manufacture of high precision and high- performance automotive systems and components.

Pelle leads the mechanical design of our steer-by-wire actuation systems.


Thomas Tahkanen

Thomas Tähkänen

Principal Project Manager

An experienced R&D Project manager with many years of experience in the automotive industry, with OEM’s such as: SAAB/ GM Powertrain Europe, Alfa Romeo, NEVS and Volvo Group Trucks Technology.

His experience contributes greatly to Chassis Autonomy’s engineering activities and projects.

Danilo Rojas

Engineer – Steering Systems

Danilo is an experienced engineer with a background in mechanical design, vehicle dynamics simulation, chassis control systems and EPS development.

He applies his expertise to advance the development of Chassis Autonomy’s fail-operational actuation systems.

Emil Powchat

Senior Design Engineer

Emil is part of the Mechanical Design team, and his role focuses on the creation of 3-D drawings and models, ensuring robust design processes to satisfy technical requirements and fulfil our commitments to the highest levels of safety and efficiency.

Emil is also responsible for administering the PDM system and way of working in CAD.

Christian Mathews

Principal Engineer – Steering systems

Christian complements the team with his 10 years of experience in developing active front steering and steer by wire hand wheel actuators.

As a mechatronics engineer, he is specialized in motor controls and system integration with a strong practical background.

Torbjörn Johansson

Test engineer – vehicle dynamics

Torbjörn Johansson is a highly experienced engineer in vehicle development with extensive experience across the automotive industry.

His role will focus on optimising the performance of our SbW actuators for use in L3 applications.

Niclas Tenggren

Business and programmes controller

Bringing nearly fifteen years of financial expertise in the automotive industry, Niclas takes on a crucial role in managing financial planning, ensuring projects remain financially sound for successful delivery. Niclas will concentrate on advancing and refining our financial models and processes.

Kristoffer Jidetoft

Development engineer

Kristoffer brings experience from several global OEMS such as: SAAB, GM Powertrain, Volvo Cars and NEVS. As a development engineer with an intimate knowledge of the industry, he will provide important support in the development of our steer-by-wire actuator and contribute to the extension of our product portfolio in the future.

Tommy Olofsson

Tommy Olofsson

Engineer – Test and development

Tommy is an experienced test and development engineer from the automotive industry who has worked with major automotive OEMs across Sweden in electric driveline development, chassis- and vehicle dynamics-testing.

Tommy will support product testing and lead prototype build series.

Photograph of Thea Johansson

Thea Johansson

Project support engineer

Thea is now contributing to our organisational plans by evaluating productivity, operational efficiency, and the implementation of policies and potential process improvements. She is additionally supporting the engineering department by monitoring project advancement, managing risks, and addressing any challenges that may arise.


Sam O'Hara

brand and marketing lead

Sam is a third-year Politics and International Relations student at the University of Southampton and our Brand and Marketing lead. Sam co-ordinates the company’s marketing efforts, and is responsible for supporting our brand identity with educational content on all social media platforms.

We are eager to recruit further talent to work for us and drive the company forwards so please don’t hesitate to check out our careers page if interested.

Our mission and impact

UN Sustainability Goals 3, 9, 11 and 12

The mission: Enabling autonomous mobility through actuation

Chassis Autonomy exists to solve the near-term risk of a lack of fail-operational steering and braking systems for fully autonomous vehicles. Our products will directly support autonomous mobility developers and accelerate the adoption of autonomous vehicles on the world’s roads.

Positive impact

Unlocking the unrestricted operation of autonomous vehicles will improve lives across the Earth; directly aligning with four UN sustainable development goals and bringing wide, far-reaching benefits to all areas of society.

These benefits include:

• Accessible and low-cost transport

• A reduction in road traffic accidents

• Optimised transport with less congestion

• Significant progress towards net zero

Operations and partners

Where do we operate?

Chassis Autonomy is uniquely placed within Europe to leverage the advanced automotive and fast developing autonomous sectors in the UK and Sweden. Our two business units provide a wide reach for recruiting the best engineering talent from across the continent, whilst being situates close to leading markets and potential customers from the deployment of our products.

Chassis Autonomy SBA AB

Trollhättan, Sweden

– HQ
– Engineering design and development
– Manufacturing and prototype assembly and test
– HR and business administration
– Sales and Marketing

Chassis Autonomy Limited

London, united kingdom

– Engineering design and development

Who are our partners?

Chassis Autonomy have a variety of key partnerships to enable the company’s continued growth and success. These partnerships are detailed below:

Strategic partnerships:


Leading autonomous vehicle operator


World leader in HiL simulators

CAE Value

Simulation and engineering experts

Strategic development partners:

Roben Automotive

Functional safety and cyber security

EIC Accelerator

Co-funded by the European Union

TTC Sweden

Design validation and testing

Kongsberg Automotive

Global supplier of mobility solutions

Wargia AB

Automotive prototype manufacture

University of Surrey

Leading research-intensive higher education institution

Innovate UK

Business development and commercialisation