First build of CS1.1 is completed


The first build of CS1.1, our class-leading fail-operational steering actuator is now complete. CS1.1 is the world’s first rack-and-pinion free, steer-by-wire system designed from the ground-up to meet the specific needs of autonomous vehicles. CS1.1 is a precursor to the series product, CS1 that is designed to support vehicle applications up to M2 and N2.

With eight patents pending and more in the pipeline, our fail-operational steering system technology will become the defacto state-of-the-art, setting the standard for full compliance with strict UK and EU legislation that essentially outlaws stopping-in-lane as a fault mitigation strategy for autonomous vehicles.

The images below show the Chassis Autonomy team visiting our manufacture and assembly partner Aktiebolag WARGIA to support the assembly. Testing begins immediately as we continue to develop the hardware, electronics and software towards serial production.