Enabling autonomous
mobility through actuation

Defining the new state-of-the-art for automotive fail-operational actuation systems 

The world’s first fail-operational steering system

Our products


Chassis Autonomy’s current focus is on the development of a class-leading steer-by-wire system for autonomous vehicles. The system is a ground-up design that is fault tolerant and fail-operational, meaning that autonomous vehicles fitted with the system can continue to steer, even in the event of a system fault. This provides the safety and reliability that is necessary for the wider adoption of autonomous mobility.


To enable true autonomous mobility, we recognise that we need to solve the other critical gap and that is fail-operational braking. Our current focus is upon steer-by-wire however, as we continue to scale up the company, we will begin to place more resources on the development of our brake-by-wire system.

The technology

Our ground-up designed steer-by-wire system is fault-tolerant and fail-operational, exceeding the requirements for ASIL-D and ISO 26262.

Autonomous vehicle focused

Our ground-breaking CS1 steering actuator is designed specifically for use in autonomously driven vehicles, eliminating conventional rack-and-pinion technology as a steering wheel is no longer required.

Ground-up design

Our CS1 steering actuator is designed from the ground-up and employs a unique mechanical, electrical and software architecture to set the new state-of-the-art.

Safety is paramount

In a world where autonomous vehicles operate without a human driver, our systems ensure safety for vehicle occupants and other road users.


Our systems ensure that the  autonomous vehicle maintains steering functionality even in the event of a single point fault or failure.

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Our story

Chassis Autonomy was founded by Peter Johansson and Thomas Li in October 2021 after a project developing steer- and brake-by-wire systems was cancelled by the automotive OEM they worked for. When the opportunity arose, they span-off the complete development to create Chassis Autonomy with a vision to apply their extensive automotive industry experience and develop the products towards serial production.

The company is committed to continuing the development of by-wire actuation systems that will enable the next step change in the automotive industry – the unrestricted deployment of fully autonomous vehicles.

Co-funded by the EU