Enabling Autonomous Mobility Through Actuation

NEVS Autonomous Pod Vehicle

Welcome to Chassis Autonomy

The foundation upon which Chassis Autonomy is built, was laid three years ago at the start of a new advanced engineering project for NEVS, led by our co-founder and then department director Peter Johansson.  The project’s initial aim was to establish the internal business case for the development of safety based actuators for steering and braking that would be the enablers for another internal project, focusing on the development of an SAE Level 5 fully autonomous pod vehicle.

The team determined that the established oligopoly of brake and steering suppliers were unable or unwilling to support development.  NEVS therefore progressed with the development of new systems from conception that would be capable of meeting the requirements for NEVS autonomous vehicle project. Fast forward two years and the project achieved successful proof of concept of a ground-up designed steer-by-wire system (which includes includes steering gear, controllers and software) for use on a fully autonomous, driverless pod vehicle.

Chassis Autonomy was spun-off from NEVS in November 2021, as a wholly separate and independent company with the freedom to operate and IP ownership with which to continue the development of fault tolerant steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire actuation systems that meet the highest levels of functional safety (ASIL-D ISO 26262).

Our current focus is on the next development cycle of the system that aims to increase mechanical robustness and functional safety integrity levels towards those required for serial production. A parallel work stream is focused upon establishing strategic development partnerships and a solid customer base that has the same principles as Chassis Autonomy - to drive forward the adoption of autonomous mobility.

Image courtesy of NEVS AB.

Fault Tolerant Actuation

SBA Steer-by-Wire

Our ground-up designed steer-by-wire system is fault tolerant and fail operational, exceeding the requirements for ASIL-D, ensuring continued functionality even in the event of a system fault.  

Our current CS1 design is specifically for M1, M2, N1 and N2 vehicles and builds upon the first generation SBA design. 
The design concept is inherently scalable so please get in touch if you have an alternative application.

More information will be published soon, in the meantime please contact us for more information.


To enable true autonomous mobility, we recognise that we need to solve the other critical gap and that is fail-operational braking.

Our current focus is upon SbW; however, as we continue to scale the company we will begin to place more resources on the development of our brake-by-wire system.  

Please contact us should you have an immediate interest in brake-by-wire and we can provide you with an update.

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