Thomas Tähkänen: Our new Chief Engineer

20 October 2022

We are delighted to welcome Thomas Tähkänen to the ever-growing Chassis Autonomy team. Thomas started with us this week, taking on the role of Chief Engineer and becoming a permanent staff member within our Swedish division in Trollhättan.

As we continue to make major progress with the development of our CS1 steer-by-wire actuator, it is important to bring in new talent to spur the process on and further strengthen the company’s core team. We sat down with Thomas to find out his motivations behind joining us and what his new role will entail.

Why have you decided to join Chassis Autonomy?

“The primary reason I’ve joined Chassis Autonomy is because I believe and have great interest in the products being developed. I previously helped develop fail-operational actuators with Peter Johansson and Thomas Li at NEVS and I want to continue this development to enable unrestricted autonomous mobility across the globe.”

What is your new role at Chassis Autonomy and what does it involve?

“My role is Chief Engineer, meaning I will be managing projects and engineering development within the company. My first project will surround overseeing the rapid and ongoing development of the CS1 steer-by-wire actuator.”

What previous experience will be useful for your role?

“I have been working in the automotive industry for over 25 years now, so I have a wealth of experience including transmission-, AWD- and BEV development. Particularly relevant, will be my experience with product development and integration of Powertrain- and Chassis systems in vehicles, which will all be highly useful for my role as Chief Engineer”

How are you settling in and what are you looking forward to?

“I am settling into Chassis Autonomy well, having previous experience working on this project with both Peter and Thomas before and having introductions with the rest of the team.”

“While the actuator’s rapid development is a constant source of excitement, I also look forward to the company’s continued growth as it begins to hit key milestones such as securing its first customers. As a start-up company, there are also lots of tasks and challenges which we must face as a team. I personally find these unique challenges exciting and look forward to overcoming them with the team.”

We would again like to welcome Thomas to the team, and are excited to see his wealth of experience and knowledge further the success of Chassis Autonomy as we continue our upward trajectory.

Thomas Tähkänen Chassis Autonomy Chief Engineer